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2021 Virtual 10K

2020 has been an odd year to say the least. We're now at the point where the Dronfield 10k committee should be getting together, usually in a pub, to discuss and arrange the 2021 event. This time, due to the many unknowns that lay ahead, we have decided to not host the race this year, for the first time since it's first, back in 1993!

Thanks to some amazing support and encouragement on our Facebook page, we have decided to host a virtual event in it's place. We want to keep our runners active and engaged so we'll hopefully see you next year!

What is a virtual race?
A virtual race is a concept that has been gaining traction over the past few years and, with Covid restrictions in place, has really boomed throughout 2020.
A virtual race is where participants can run the event in their own time, at their leisure, then submit 'proof' of completion - usually in the form of a Strava (or similar) activity screenshot.

Runners will need to ....
Further details:
Everyone who completes the event will receive a medal. As we're trying to keeps costs low, reduce waste and raise money for the Scout Group, we'll be handing out the 'Harry' medals from previous years with a current ribbon.
As well as whenever, runners can run wherever they like. All results will be posted on our results page, we will have a table for the official route and separate tables for all other routes, 2x5km and 5x2km.
Detail on how to submit proof will be emailed to you on entry, so please keep hold of your confirmation e-mail - although we can resend if needed.

Where will proceeds go?
As always, our proceeds will be primarily destined for 7th Dronfield Scouts. This is typically spent on improvements to the scout facilites, such as an accessible entrance, tents and other camping accessories and subsidies for more costly activities so that no scout is costed out of participating. However, this year, there's shortfall from scout subscriptions and income from other groups using the hall, so entriy fees will cover the day to day maintainance costs of the hut.

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