Organised by 7th Dronfield Scout Group

Virtual Run FAQs

What is a virtual run?
A virtual race is where participants can run the event in their own time, at their leisure, then submit 'proof' of completion - usually in the form of a Strava (or similar) activity screenshot.

Do I have to run?
Nope!! Run, walk, jog, take the dog, hike... stick to being on foot though, please!

Do I have to follow the official route?
Of course we'd love you to run the official route, however feel free to go where you like. We'll have a results table for runners taking the official route and one for all other routes. Note: We don't know what the travel restrictions will be at the time, please abide by these and stay local if required.

Are my card details safe?
We've chosen PayPal as our payment provider. Paypal is a well recognised platform used by many online retailers and has many payment protections in place as well as a robust refund mechanism for complete peace of mind.
Nobody other than PayPal ever see your sensitive card details or home address. That information is exchanged directly with PayPal, not through our servers and not accessible to us at all.
On initial entry, we only collect your name and email address - we also grab Paypal transaction IDs so we can link your entry to your payment, should there be a dispute.

What appears on my card statement?
Your card statement will show "Paypal *DRON10K"

What do I get?
As well as helping out your local scout group and getting out, we'll put your results on our website for 2021. We'll have an official route table and one for any other route. You'll also get one of our 'Harry' medals from a previous year.

Why not a new Harry medal?
Frankly, this comes down to time and cost. We're testing the water with a virtual run and want to keep costs as low as possible for entrants and to make some money for the scout group. Given that this is the first virtual race we're hosted, it's near impossible to predict how well (or badly) this will be and therefore how many to order!

How do I stay safe?
Evenings are dark, the weather can be very cold, roads are still busy and the pavements can be slippery. Please use common sense when out and about in these conditions. Dress for the weather, wear reflective clothing and consider a running light, stick to the pavement and take extreme care crossing roads.
We're aware of some reports of unpleasant incidents in Dronfield recently. Use your judgement and consider a running partner (COVID restrictions permitting).

What proof do I need to submit?
When submitting your time, after you've completed your run in March you'll need to make sure you've tracked it. There are many (free) tracking type apps to do this, Strava and Komoot are just a couple we know of. A screenshot or link to the event on their site that we can view (to validate time) works for us.

Can I resubmit my proof?
Yes! If you submit a time that you then beat during the March window, you may resubmit your time. We'll display whatever results are on our system at the closing time of 13th April.

I've done 10k, but Strava (or similar) has only tracked 9.9km
GPS in phones can have blips at times, if you've done 10k but your tracking doesnt quite match this - don't worry about it!

You've not asked for my address, how will I get my medal?
At point of entry we don't need your address. You will have opportunity to submit your address along with your proof.

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