Organised by 7th Dronfield Scout Group

Virtual event

During 2021 the usual Dronfield 10k did not happen. In it's place we held a virtual 10K event comprising of 4 categories: 10K running our usual Official route, 10K running any other route, 2 x 5K of any route or 5 x 2K of any route.
Running, walking or hiking were options to get our entrants out and active.

This event took place anytime within March, at the entrant's leisure.
Because results are self timed and based on trust - as well as trying to keep things simple - there were no age or gender categories for this virtual event.

10K on our official route
Position Submitted Time Name
100:40:01Ben Clithero
200:40:49Hannah Walker
300:41:42Collette Gains
400:44:47Rob Holehouse
500:45:56Shaun Bradley
600:46:44Richard Crane
700:47:22Kathryn Braisdell
800:48:02Ceris Jones
900:48:33Lee Rowley
1000:48:42Mel Corby
1100:49:17David Smith
1200:51:38Thomas Wilson
1300:52:31Martin Spivey
1400:52:47Lindsey Wright
1500:53:00Kelly Gibson
1600:53:25Katie Slater
1700:54:10Yvonne Twelvetree
1800:54:46Elise Dawson
1900:55:32Ruth Jenkinson
2000:56:08Matt Smith
2100:56:54Luke Evans
2200:57:08Lindsey Fairhurst
2300:59:21Ronan Sharkey
2400:59:26Clare Robinson
2500:59:37Jo Green
2600:59:38Laura Harrison
2701:00:31Helen Young
2801:00:44Andy Ledbetter
2901:01:10Sam Travers
3001:01:13Toni Whitehouse
3101:01:30Julia Johnson
3201:01:35Roger Hall
3301:01:38Kate Ward
3401:01:51Paul Gill
3501:03:06Gavin Ward
3601:03:34Jason Lennon
3701:03:41Laura Lennon
3801:04:01David McKillop
3901:04:09Max Williamson
4001:04:39Louise Molloy
4101:04:49Faye Pratt
4201:05:12Tracy Knight
4301:05:12Angela Earl
4401:05:15Helen Iwan
4501:05:31Fynn Whitehouse
4601:05:33Kat Stevens
4701:05:35Esmee Whitehouse
4801:06:35Esther Edwards
4901:06:46Susan Earl
5001:07:41Judith Alabaster
5101:08:39Kelly Crawford
5201:10:00Karen Dyson
5301:10:19Angela Lester
5401:10:25Jo Gleig
5501:13:00Leann Vaughan
5601:13:23Sarah Wyles
5701:13:57Victoria Briddon
5801:13:59Christian Briddon
5901:15:40Wendy Weston
6001:20:01Sally Rhodes
6101:23:01Jacob Kay
6201:23:05James Kay
6301:33:00Helen Fish
6401:38:05Marion Tattersall
6501:40:30Jules Foster
6601:40:51Sandra Lees
6701:55:32Alice Briddon

10K any other route
Position Submitted Time Name
100:41:59Dave Benison
200:42:26Vincent Rustill
300:44:15Tom Stephenson
400:44:29James Maskell
500:45:08Anne Hegarty
600:45:52Chris Pattison
700:46:09Mike Robinson
800:46:53Archie Wainwright
900:47:13Joe Travers
1000:47:24Paul Bentley
1100:47:34Michael Campbell
1200:49:01Lydia Hudson
1300:49:02Paul Hirst
1400:49:05Jon-Paul Harding
1500:49:20Joe Bradey
1600:49:21David Hobson
1700:49:27Paul Thorpe
1800:49:34Joe Dawson
1900:51:38Lucie Wainwright
2000:52:06Francesca Ellis
2100:52:16Andy Henman
2200:52:26Gemma Johnson
2300:52:43Patrick Wilkinson
2400:52:51Neil Yewman
2500:53:18Andrew Smith
2600:53:59Wendy Osborne
2700:54:47Stephen Roberts
2800:54:50Jack Spivey
2900:55:04Matthew Pearce
3000:55:53Andrew Brown
3100:56:00Sarah Gaunt
3200:56:24Rebecca Wharton
3300:56:35Andy Wallace
3400:56:42Graham Hudson
3500:56:43Peter Tonks
3600:56:56Jo Bestall
3700:57:10Josh Hill
3800:57:40Neil Riley
3900:57:53Stuart Jones
4000:57:57Clare Cameron
4100:58:23Chris Green
4200:59:29Hannah Tuffin
4300:59:56Tasmin White
4401:00:18Shelley Hemsley
4501:00:51Elle Hill
4601:01:17Jenny Hudson
4701:01:23Rachael Lomas
4801:01:37Amanda Cattell
4901:01:40Samantha Woodcock
5001:02:14Pat Rhodes
5101:02:22Rebeca Radford
5201:02:24Richard Pope
5301:02:25Jeanine Hall
5401:02:43Rosemary Royles
5501:03:10Sarah Pearson
5601:03:27Jamie Sims
5701:03:31Adam Ellis
5801:03:32Katie Epps
5901:04:20Sara Copp
6001:04:29Niki Mills
6101:05:29Sharna Poxon
6201:05:49Annkie Cheung
6301:07:00Peter Mitchell
6401:07:00Bethany Blunt
6501:07:09Debbie Kay
6601:08:00Helen Wilkinson
6701:08:23Jamie Kay
6801:08:29Lizi Dawes
6901:09:13Matt Walker
7001:10:00Stewart Murphy
7101:10:23Lynsey Harrison
7201:10:29Vernice Dawson
7301:11:14Jane Reeve
7401:11:27Anurag Agarwal
7501:13:10Marie Tonks
7601:13:38Tracey Gledhill
7701:14:08Lesley Charles
7801:14:48Sarah Soden
7901:14:48Helena Grady
8001:15:00Carol-Ann Dale
8101:15:29Karen OBrien
8201:16:00Denise DeMarco
8301:16:56Katherine Shaw
8401:17:17James Pirie
8501:17:31Cherry Pirie
8601:17:41Joanne Farmer
8701:19:03Helen Willows
8801:19:53Janet Collins
8901:21:50Suzanne Hemsley
9001:21:52Louise Bethell
9101:21:59Ian Hayes
9201:23:03Sara Corker
9301:25:06Christine Rowe
9401:26:58Heather Tonks
9501:27:11Denise Adams-Jackson
9601:28:09Julie Armstrong
9701:32:33Lucy Rodgers
9801:33:00Sophia Sadowski
9901:34:28Fran Grace
10001:35:00Suzanne Fox
10101:35:04Lisa Groarke
10201:40:00Jenny Allen-Riley
10301:46:00Caroline Blair
10401:49:17Nicole Helliwell
10501:53:00Anna Batty
10601:53:46Ethan Batty
10702:10:00Daniel Wright
10802:13:00Rebecca Kelly
10902:31:09Jo Shorthouse
11002:31:09Joanne Kemp
11102:52:00Lauren Partridge

2 x 5K on any route
Position Submitted Time Name
100:58:05Julian Martin
201:00:08Lauren Daly
301:01:47Amy Cunningham
401:04:36Nick Kirkwood
501:09:23Ade Wileman
601:10:00Lucy-Ann Dale
701:11:00William Knapton
801:12:00Emma Nettleship
901:12:00Neil Barker
1001:12:57Nicola Wileman
1101:13:47Sharon Haylett
1201:13:51Lynsey Thomas
1301:17:57Matthew Epps
1401:18:01Michael Dawson
1501:26:31Gillian Pearson
1601:26:43Karen Johnston-Keay
1701:32:05Charlotte Kay
1802:00:00Rae McDermid
1902:43:04Sally Hankin

5 x 2K on any route
Position Submitted Time Name
101:26:18Kathryn Parkin
201:35:41Sophie Kirkwood
301:43:13Hannah Montague

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